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Stainless Steel Aft Hand Rails

Bill Martinelli, Voyager, #11


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Aft Hand Rails

Ever grab the aft life line and wish you had soild stainless steel rails all the way to the companion way? Well you can have that done if you don't mind laying up the boat for a few to many weeks and paying a small fortune for new aft rails.

But wait here is an easy inexpensive alternate! Just replace your top life line with solid stainless steel tubing. These are custom made for your boat and are adjustable to make them fit really snugly to give you the security of a welded up rail.

Rails are of polished stainless steel, mount to your exisiting aft rails and companion way stanchion. Cost is $350.00 per pair, plus shipping and applicable sales tax if you are in California.

Contact Bill Martinelli at Use 470 Aft Rails as your subject. If you don't get a reply right away call me at 650/347-3589 or my cell number is 650/533-7901.

There is just one measurment I need, as shown in the diagram. This measuremnet should be around 69 - 69 1/2 inches.

Aft Hand Rails


Aft Hand Rails