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Bow Storage (under shower locker)

John MacDougall, Annie Laurie, #26


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Bow Storage

Although these photos don't show the stuff inside this cavernous storage area, they do show how easy it is to get at things, etc. The access is a "lift-up" lid (formerly the bottom of the cabinet), INSIDE the locker/cabinet, inside the forward shower stall. I've NO problems at all with this storage area, no water, no moisture, etc.

Bow Storage

This area is available to those that do not have a bow thruster, and my specific access (inside the bottom of the forward shower locker), will work for those without the washer/dryer mounted there.

Bow Storage

In this area, I presently have stored the following:

- Original 3-Bladed fixed prop, prop nuts, wrenches (for Auto-prop removal and installation of this original fixed prop, including Allen wrenches for set-screws...), all wrapped in plastic and a piece of old carpet.
- Spare Alternator (original 80-amp), wrapped in zip-lock, and secured in a Rubbermaid container.
- 24 qts. of engine oil.
- 3 complete sets of oil filters and fuel (primary and Racor) filters, for BOTH Yanmar and Fischer Panda.
- 2 sets of alternator belts, for BOTH Yanmar and Fischer Panda.
- 2 spare raw water impellers, for BOTH Yanmar and Fischer Panda.
- 3 Filter Wrenches.
- Oil Absorber Pads and a couple of old towels.
- A small 110vac pump and 15' - 20' of hose for it.
- 2 long lengths of line - one 140' of 3/4" double-braided, and one 130' of 3/4" 3-strand.

There's not too much room left. Those looking for additional storage space could look here. Be aware that cutting the access hole was a real pain in the **s……but worth it!