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Annapolis Boat Show

During the 2009 Annapolis Sailboat Show in October, Beckoning, Lady and Dulcinea hosted C470 owners in the area. The boats were staying in the Annapolis Yacht Basin, directly next to the show area.

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Annapolis Boat Show

Standing, left to right:

  1. Lynne Phelps, Outpost
  2. (Email name to Mike Davis)
  3. (Email name to Mike Davis)
  4. Jim Wohlleber, Beckoning
  5. Yvonne Thayer
  6. Bill Phelps, Outpost
  7. Marilyn Van Tassell, Escapade
  8. Jordan Schau, Time Out
  9. Michael Schau, Time Out
  10. Mike Davis, Ayewash
  11. Maureen Yorke, Certa Cito
  12. Mike Yorke, Certa Cito
  13. Jon Van Tassell, Escapade
  14. Joe Rocchio, Onward
  15. Sue Seeman, Pipe Dream
  16. Jim Seeman, Pipe Dream
  17. Gerry Douglas, C42 Marleys Ghost
  18. Tina Douglas, C42 Marleys Ghost

Sitting, left to right:

  1. John Miller, Dulcinea
  2. Colleen Miller, Dulcinea
  3. Charles McNamara, Lady
  4. Jennifer McNamara, Lady
  5. Monique Langston, Beckoning